Friday 20th July 2018

York Foundation Trust R&D Unit


Audits and QI Projects

Research/Audit/Quality Improvement/Service Development

What sort of project am I doing?

It is important to be clear about the distinction between research and other types of investigative projects such as audit or service evaluation project.

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The R&D Unit has a guidance document to help investigators determine what sort of investigative project they are planning. Refer to R&D/G04

Guidance on data analysis and drawing conclusions is also available. Refer to R&D/G08  This may help investigators to determine what sort of project they are undertaking.

The R&D Unit can only advise on studies classified as research studies.

For audit and service evaluation studies please contact the Clinical Effectiveness Team,

NOTE: ALL investigative projects must be registered in the Trust through the R&D Unit and ALL Clinical Audits & Local Service Evaluations must be registered with the Clinical Effectiveness Team.