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Guidance Documents

This page contains the index of guidance documents issued by the York Foundation Trust R&D Unit. They should all be used online, not in printed form. Always check that you are using the most recent version of any guidance document.

These documents are intended to provide background and supplemental information to support R&D Unit Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and to give advice to researchers on particular topics.  In the event of conflict between the contents of a guidance document and a SOP the SOP should always prevail.

Guidance Documents are controlled by Sarah Sheath 




Title Number Version Issued
Insurance and Indemnity R&D/G01 3.0 15th June 2017
Classifying Investigative Projects R&D/G04 8.0 18th September 2017
Conflicts of Interest in Research R&D/G06 2.0 18th September 2017
R&D Unit Research Adviser Services R&D/G05 2.0 5th June 2017
Audit, Service Improvement and Research: Guidance on data analysis and drawing conclusions R&D/G08 2.0 18th September 2017


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